He is Risen

Interesting facts: Easter did NOT originate as a Christian holiday. It was a pagan celebration for the Spring equinox. Later on, Christians (the Catholic church I believe) decided to weave in elements of Jesus’ resurrection with the celebration so they could partake as well. Some Christian congregations still choose not to celebrate Easter for Jesus’ resurrection because of its ties to pagan celebrations. However, even though Easter didn’t originate because of the resurrection, I see it as a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the great sacrifice Christ made for us anyway! While I believe we should be reminding ourselves of that sacrifice daily (which I need to work on myself), it doesn’t hurt to have a special day dedicated to celebrating it. Many people even call this day Resurrection Sunday instead of Easter. Either way, it’s a wonderful time to celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the sacrifice he made for all of our sins, and to celebrate the beauty of Spring and new life that God created.

I know lots of other artists drew the empty tomb for Easter as well, but when I thought about what I should draw in honor of this event, the tomb seemed to be the most fitting. Hope you like it, and Happy Easter! Drawn April 2018.

Drawing © Laura Aufiero. All rights reserved.